A review paper: Emerging conversions of food-agro waste into building & construction material

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    Kumar, Akhilesh
    Agrawal, Avlokita
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Construction material and construction technology


A substantial quantity of food & agriculture waste is generated worldwide. The rapid urbanization and industrial growth are creating a deficit for conventional construction and building material, as we have the depleted & limited available natural &virgin resources for sustaining infrastructure demand. Significant deforestation, illegal stone & sand mining is done to meet the demand each year. On the other hand, the massive amount of resourceful food and agriculture waste is piling up at landfill sites without any treatment. Tremendous energy is required to produce construction material which creates air, water, and soil pollution to an extent. Although food and agro-waste have the potential option to become new emerging material, studies explain how technologies could be cost effective & environment-friendly. Learning from ancient history how our ancestors have utilized the limited resources to develop and sustain their life. Understanding the thoughts, the exploitation of natural resources can be minimized by utilizing the food and agriculture waste as an alternative construction material. That could also prevent unnecessary poring of resourceful materials to the dumpsites. This review paper is to find available literature and research articles to understand the emerging technologies by which food and agro waste can be converted into construction material.

Keywords: Food-agro waste, sustainable materials, bio-plastic, biobased-3D.


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