A Review of IAQ Standards and Guidelines for Australian and New Zealand School Classrooms

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    Loh, Joey Y. S.
    Andamon, Mary Myla
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


Information on indoor environmental conditions in Australian and New Zealand school
classrooms is limited. The indoor environments in schools are less studied compared to other building
types such as offices. Limited data and scientific studies on measurements of school environments,
particularly on thermal conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ) are available. Moreover, majority of the
studies have been conducted in the northern midā€latitudes. This lack of knowledge poses a big concern
considering that children, unlike adults, are much more vulnerable, and are expected to perform work
that is not optional and would almost always be new to them. This paper reports on the findings of a
literature review that explores thermal comfort, particularly indoor air quality and ventilation
requirements for Australia and New Zealand school classrooms. The objectives of the review are to
identify national and international standards and guidelines associated with the provision of thermal
environments and indoor air quality in educational facilities, to examine current knowledge on the
relationship between indoor conditions and educational outcomes and identify findings of applicable
indoor environmental quality (IEQ) research.


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