A rapid relief architecture for primary schools

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    Poole, Kate
    Marriage, Guy
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


A natural disaster will inevitably strike New Zealand in the coming years, damaging educational facilities. Delays in building quality replacement facilities will lead to short-term disruption of education and create the risk of long-term inequality for the affected students. The Christchurch earthquake demonstrated the issues arising from a lack of school planning and support. This research proposes a system that can effectively provide rapid, prefabricated primary schools in post-disaster environments to continue education for children in the short term while using construction that is suitable until the total replacement of the given school is completed. The expandable prefabricated architecture meets the strength, time, and transport requirements to become a robust, rapid relief temporary construction adaptable to any area within New Zealand. This design solution supports personal well-being and mitigates the risk of educational gaps, PTSD linked with anxiety and depression, and many other mental health disorders that can impact students and teachers after a natural disaster.

Keywords: Prefabrication, rapid relief, Primary School, New Zealand, permanent.


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