A process model to support design and construction

  • YEAR
    Pham, Nghia
    Dawson, Anthony
    2004 Conference Papers
    Computers and architecture


ABSTRACT: This research is focused on developing a highly detailed understanding of current
organisational interactions and information flows leading to a definition of the process model for the
environment into which information and communication technology (ICT) applications will be placed.
The authors of this paper propose a theoretical process model and the associated detailed information
structure which reflects the complexity of information, stakeholder interaction and intellectual property
concerns which are currently seen in the construction industry. This is being developed and tested
against a field study renovation project. The field study project identifies information flows and
interactions between stakeholders such as designers, project managers, clients, contractors,
subcontractors and suppliers. The process model which is being established shows very high levels of
complexity in dependencies and interdependencies between implicit and explicit information within the
project design and construction teams. Without an understanding of these detailed and complex
process interactions, proposals for the application of ICT to the construction industry will not reflect the
requirements of those for whom they are being developed.


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