A Possible Future for Building Codes

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    Gelder, John
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Modes of Production


Building designers prepare project specifications in part to demonstrate building Code
compliance. Checking the specification for compliance is done manually, and is not easy to do well. This
paper proposes a method in which specifications and building Codes could be developed to facilitate
compliance checking, including automated Code checking which, to date, has evidently not considered
the specification. This method entails embedding the building Code in the local national master
specification systems (NMSS). Building information modelling (BIM) has a major part to play – use of a
BIM‐compliant NMSS could support automated compliance checking. The paper uses the Australian ABCB
National Construction Code (NCC) and the UK’s RIBA Enterprises NBS Create BIM‐ready NMSS to illustrate
the proposals, as good examples of a single national Code and a BIM‐specification respectively.


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