A Parametric Study of Wind Catcher System to Optimize Daylighting Performance in Buildings

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    Pratiwi, Desliana Putri
    Ajrina, Zhafirah
    Mangkuto, Rizki Armano
    Koerniawan, Moch. Donny
    2019 Conference Papers
    Building Performance Evaluation
    Conference Papers


Wind catcher is natural ventilation device that is commonly used in buiding in various Middle
East countries, intended to work as passive cooling and ventilation system. However, the geometry of
wind catcher which is an opening to the outside environment make it also potential to function as
daylight distributor in buildings. This paper investigates the sensitivity of daylighting performance in
building with wind catcher system based on three design input, i.e. number of gratings, chimney height,
and interior tower reflectance. The sensitivity analysis is performed by linear regression and the
significance of each design input can be observed by the Standard Regression Coefficient. A model of
wind catcher is introduced, with various number of gratings (0 – 9), chimney height (1.5 m – 3 m), and
interior tower reflectance (0.1 – 0.9). Simulation and analysis are performed for the climate of Bandung,
Indonesia. Average Daylight Factor (ADF) is observed. As the result, this study unveils that the design
input (number of gratings, chimney height, and interior tower reflectance) show great impact for
daylighting performance in building based on simulation and analysis that has been performed.

Keywords: Wind Catcher, Sensitivity Analysis, Average Daylight Factor (ADF).


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