A Framework to Assess Publicness in Multicultural Streets

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    Lesan, Maryam
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice Based & Interdisciplinary Design & Research


Public space is the domain of interest for urban designers and streets are one of the most relevant forms of public space. In multicultural societies, public space users come from a diverse range of social and ethnic backgrounds with varying interests and needs. Therefore, streets should act as inclusive spaces that are intended for use by a broader public. While the streets may be public, to what extent is it their publicness that plays a significant role in promoting multiculturalism? This paper aims to develop a framework for assessing publicness in streets in multicultural societies. In other words, it responds to the question of “what constitutes a good and ideal model of publicness (regarding cultural diversity) of streets in multicultural societies”. The study builds on the dimensions of publicness described by previous models and adjusts it to the street environment. The central dimensions of publicness include: accessibility, management, and inclusiveness.

Keywords: Streets, Multiculturalism, Publicness, Cultural Diversity


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