A Framework for Optimizing Tall Building Form to Reduce Solar Reflection Impacts

  • YEAR
    Farahani, Mahnaz
    Mahdavine, Mohammadjavad
    Pilechiha, Peiman
    2020 Conference Papers
    Building Materials & Integrated Technology
    Conference Papers


Reflection of sunlight from tall buildings covered with glass facades creates many problems for residents and pedestrians in urban environments. Proper design in the early stages of construction can eliminate or reduce most of these problems and it can also considerably curb the environmental consequences and post-construction costs. Most of the research conducted in this field is focused on the façade materials to reduce or eliminate reflection and the existing body of research scarcely consider the design solutions in the early stage of design to minimize the effects of reflection. This study aims to provide a framework for simulation and optimization of solar reflection effect caused by the façades of tall buildings. The reflected sunlight from the studied façade of parametric forms were traced. Then the reflected points on surrounding and distances between them studied for each form. Finally genetic algorithm is adopted to find the optimum found with maximum distance between reflected points. The innovative proposed method can be applied to similar cases and it enables researchers and designers to analyze and optimize reflected sunlight.

Keywords: Glare; Solar Reflection; Ray-Tracing; Optimization.


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