A cultural perspective to manage conflicts in cross cultural project teams: A literature review

  • YEAR
    Dasandara, Miyami
    Rajenthiran, Nirusika
    Dissanayake, Piumi
    Samaraweera, Aparna
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice Based & Interdisciplinary Design & Research


Nowadays, majority of the construction projects are highly influenced by the foreign participants due to globalisation. Therefore, achieving the goals of these international construction projects has become a unique challenge because of the cross cultural interactions. When engaging in these projects, foreign participants such as engineers, architects, contractors have to face many situations with local parties due to different cultural patterns. Therefore, intragroup conflicts in cross cultural teamwork can be highly arisen resulting severe impacts towards these projects. Thus, these multicultural projects highly require a proper conflict management to become success. This paper, therefore, aimed to provide a culture based solution through a conceptual framework to manage intragroup conflicts in cross cultural construction projects. The research methodology of this paper was formulated on a comprehensive literature review. The developed conceptual framework presents how different types of intragroup conflicts can be managed through cross cultural indicators, which are cross cultural dimensions and cross cultural orientations. Accordingly, 08 cross cultural dimensions named communication, leadership, trust, collectivism, team selection, uncertainty, team development and management were identified and under these dimensions, altogether 32 cross cultural orientations were captured through the literature findings.

Keywords: Construction projects; Intragroup conflicts; Cross cultural dimensions; Cross cultural orientations.


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