A critical review of the system-wide waste in the construction industry

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    Purushothaman, Mahesh Babu
    Seadon, Jeff
    2020 Conference Papers
    Building, Tectonics & Energy; Design Education & Research; History & Theory in Architectural Science; Modes of Production & Mass Customization; Smart & Intelligent Cities
    Conference Papers


The purpose of this review paper is to unravel the various types of waste in the Construction Industry and its influencing factors. The construction industry worldwide has been working on waste reduction, which primarily focuses on material waste. Construction is a $30 billion industry in New Zealand and literature estimate a 23% waste in the construction Industry. However, the estimate excludes certain factors such as the wastage due to design factors, environmental factors, and goal conflicts between architects, structural designers, and contractors. The literature focuses on the types of wastage of the construction process, which would aid to improve productivity, reduce cost, and optimise resources.

Keywords: Construction waste; Waste; System-wide- waste; Lean waste.


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