A Comprehensive Review of Literature on the Importance of Windowscapes: Evaluation and Suggestion for Improvement of New Zealand Building Code

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    Mirza, Leila
    Byrd, Hugh
    2017 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science
    Conference Papers


Rapid intensification of Auckland has made our visual awareness of the outdoor environment
(windowscapes) more confined and restricted. The recent changes of Auckland’s windowscapes have
made the shortcomings of New Zealand Building Code more apparent. This paper aims to demonstrate
the importance of windowscapes in urban dwellers’ life and to suggest some changes to current building
code to provide healthier and liveable indoor environments. Hence, evidence from the literature on the
impact of views on building occupants’ wellbeing will be first reviewed. Then, New Zealand Code Clause
(G7 Natural light) and its Acceptable Solution will be critically analysed to identify areas that require
improvement. Our literature review indicates that private views are more relevant for health and
wellbeing than building and planning legislation in New Zealand currently considers them to be. Hence,
this paper suggests that windowscapes should become an essential part of future building codes and
standards. This paper concludes that providing strict requirements regarding windowscapes is essential
to building a healthier indoor environment.


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