A clean bill of health: a state-of-the-art general, trauma and orthopaedic surgical centre

  • YEAR
    Skates, Henry
    2011 Conference Papers
    Construction Technology
    Sustainability Issues


ABSTRACT: Potential drawbacks to the use of Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) technology in modern
operating theatres include difficulties with locating pendant lighting, excessive noise levels and
excessive operational costs. The main benefits of using UCV technology however, is a reduction in
postoperative Surgical Site Infection (SSI) rates. To solve the above challenge a novel surgical theatre
centre has been designed to accommodate three state-of-the-art theatre suites, a seven-bed recovery
ward, a fifteen-bed orthopaedic ward and attendant ancillary spaces. At the heart of the complex, the
three unique theatre environments utilize innovative skirt-less ultra-clean laminar-flow ventilation
canopies to help control airborne infection during surgical procedures. The novel approach allows
uninterrupted use of multi-flexible lighting and surgical pendants, has been designed to minimise noise
levels and utilises heat recovery to minimise running costs. The innovative approach to infection
control is continued through into the detailed design of the theatre wall, ceiling and floor systems, and
integrates with the overall strategy of creating a dramatic and stimulating working environment where
traditionally aesthetic sterility was de rigueur.


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