A building simulation tool for the rapid feedback of scientific data in architectural design

  • YEAR
    Pitman, M. W.
    Watts, C. E.
    2011 Conference Papers
    Computer Science


The drive to improve environmental design standards while maintaining stringent comfort
controls and project delivery within time and budget constraints demands improved techniques for the
analysis and rapid-feedback of the impact that design decisions will have on these criteria. This paper
outlines the development and implementation of a new tool for building simulation and analysis at the
early design stages. The tool utilises existing open-source and freely-available technologies through a
BIM framework to create a cost-efficient, scalable, multi-physics, unified three-dimensional modelling
environment for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal energy modelling, day-lighting, shading
and life-cycle analysis from early concept design stages.

The tool extends the functionality of an open-source three-dimensional modelling and animation tool to
allow users to enter or import building information, constructions and other boundary conditions
relevant to scientific analysis of building design from within a single modelling environment. Results
from a case study on the application of the tool are presented which demonstrate the robustness and
flexibility of the modelling framework.


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