2D and 3D modelling of building form subjected to ember attack

  • YEAR
    Honey, Sam
    Rollo, John
    Atkinson, Steve
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architecture and the environment


ABSTRACT: This paper furthers the research of Rollo, Luther and Atkinson 1999, and Rollo, Honey,
Atkinson and Luther 2003, regarding the way in which building shape appears to contribute to the
collection of fire-brand debris subject to ember attack. The paper will present a range of 2D fluidmapping
and 3D wind tunnel studies (Melaragno 1982) which have been correlated with the
transportation characteristics of an ember laden air-field (Cheney and Sullivan 1997). Working with a
range of generic building types the paper also introduces simple spatial modelling techniques which
are being developed to illustrate the relationship between ember capture and changes in wind speed
and air pressure.


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