The Architectural Science Association is committed to the development, documentation and diffusion of the principles of architectural science and including but not limited to the application of natural and innovative techniques for sustainable architecture.

The Architectural Science Association serves as an open, international, interdisciplinary forum to promote high quality research, practice and education in environmentally sustainable design. The association is an autonomous, non-profit organization sharing the art, science and design of the built environment.

The Architectural Science Association pursues its objectives through international conferences, exhibitions and workshops, scientific and technical publications; and architectural competitions and exhibitions.


The Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) was formerly known as the Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA). This Association has a history dating back several decades, and has been the leading forum for Architectural Science in Australasia. ANZAScA was formed on the initiative of Professor Henry (Jack) Cowan, Derrick Kendrick and other architectural science academics to enable them to meet, discuss, and exchange information about their research and teaching. The membership was drawn from architecture schools in Australia and New Zealand, and was open to students and professionals who contributed to the teaching of technical subjects.

The first meeting was held in 1963 in Adelaide. A few years later, annual conferences were introduced, hosted by one of the universities in the region. To embrace participations from architectural science academics, researchers and practitioners from other parts of the world, in 2008, ANZAScA became The Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), which can be shortened as ASA (ANZAScA).

Committee (2024 on)

  • President: Chris Jensen
  • Vice President: Mary Myla Andamon
  • Secretary: Llewelyn Griffiths
  • Treasurer: Mark Dewsbury
  • Past President: Priya Rajagopalan
  • Elected Officers:
  • Ben Slee
  • Arianna Brambilla
  • Ruffina Thilakaratne
  • Vanessa Whittem
  • Veronica Garcia-Hansen
  • Azin Ehteshami
  • Webmaster: Guy Marriage


In 2017, seven long-standing members of ASA / ANZASCA were honoured by making them Fellows, to recognise the achievements they have made in the field of Architectural Science over many years. The inaugural Fellows are :

  • Richard Hyde
  • Peter Smith
  • Terry Williamson
  • Chris Murphy
  • George Baird
  • Veronica Soebarto
  • Mark Luther
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